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Table 6 Papers specific to crowd behavior analysis, under deep learning

From: Intelligent video surveillance: a review through deep learning techniques for crowd analysis

Title Year Digital repository
A review on classifying abnormal behavior in crowd scene [77] 2019 ScienceDirect
Crowd behavior analysis from fixed and moving cameras [78] 2019
Zero-shot crowd behavior recognition [79] 2017
The analysis of high density crowds in videos [80] 2017
Computer vision based crowd disaster avoidance system: a survey [81] 2017
Deep learning for scene-independent crowd analysis [82] 2017
Fast face detection in violent video scenes [83] 2016
Rejecting motion outliers for efficient crowd anomaly detection [54] 2019 IEEEXplore
Deep metric learning for crowdedness regression [84] 2018
A deep spatiotemporal perspective for understanding crowd behavior [61] 2018
Crowded scene understanding by deeply learned volumetric slices [85] 2017
Crowd scene understanding from video: a survey [86] 2017 ACM