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Table 10 Crowd analysis methods

From: Intelligent video surveillance: a review through deep learning techniques for crowd analysis

Title Method Tool Data set
Measurement of congestion and intrinsic risk in pedestrian crowds [116] Use computational mesh Not mentioned Not mentioned
A classification method based on streak flow for abnormal crowd behaviors [117] Streak flow based on fluid mechanics, ViBe algorithm, classification method, Streakline ViF
An intelligent decision computing paradigm for crowd monitoring in the smart city [118] Extended Kalman filtering approach, Agent motion-based learning model, SIFT feature descriptor, EM algorithm Not mentioned The dataset is prepared with surveillance cameras using 60 mm × 120 mm lens from Puri rath yatra festival
Learning deep event models for crowd anomaly detection [119] Deep neural network, PCANet, deep GMM Not mentioned UCSD Ped1 Dataset, Avenue Dataset