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Table 1 Some main SNA features with description

From: Customer churn prediction in telecom using machine learning in big data platform

Feature name Feature description
In-Degree Number of friends connecting with the customer
Out-Degree Number of friends the customer connecting with
Max-Cosine-Sim-MTN Maximum Cosine similarity with other operators’ customers
Max-Cosine-Sim-SyriaTel Maximum Cosine similarity with SyriaTel customers
Max-Jaccard-SIM-MTN Maximum Jaccard similarity with other operators’ customers
Max-Jaccard-Sim-SyriaTel Maximum Jaccard similarity with SyriaTel customers
SR Weighted Sender Rank in social graph
PR Weighted Page Rank in social graph
PF “Social Power Factor” Average of weighted Page Rank and Sender Rank in social graph
Betweenness # of short paths between any two people in the social network passes through this customer node
LLC “Local Cluster Coefficient” How much the customer friends know each other
NC “Neighborhood Connectivity” The number of friends and friends of friends for the customer