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Table 4 Seed word for main aspects

From: Mining aspects of customer’s review on the social network

Category Aspect Seed words
Hotel Value Value, price, worth
Room Room, rooms
Location Location
Cleanliness Dirty, smelled, clean
Check in/front desk Staff
Service Service, breakfast, food
Business service Internet, wifi
Beer Appearance Appearance, color, colors, coloring, head, foam
Aroma Aroma, aromas, smell, smelling
Palate Palate, mouth, feel, mouth feel
Taste Taste, tastes, aftertaste, in the end, finish, finishing
Overall Overall
Coffee Aroma Aroma, aromas, smell, smelling, flavor, flavors
Taste Taste, tastes, aftertaste, finish, finishing, mouth feel
Acidity Acid, acidity
Body Body, aged, vintage