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Table 7 Provider type labels removed from train and test datasets

From: The effects of class rarity on the evaluation of supervised healthcare fraud detection models

Dataset Not in Train Not in Test
Part B Hospitalist Psychologist (billing independently)
Dentist Pharmacy
Part D Dentist Medical supply company, other
Hospitalist All other suppliers
Individual certified prosthetist-orthotist Ambulance service supplier
Voluntary Health or Charitable Agencies
Centralized flu
DMEPOS Hospitalist All other suppliers
Ambulatory Surgical Center
Anesthesiologist assistants
Audiologist (billing independently)
Centralized flu
Clinical laboratory
HHA (Dmercs only)
Independent diagnostic testing facility
Individual certified orthotist
Individual certified prosthetist
Mass immunization roster biller
Medical supply company, other
Medical supply with certified orthotist
Medical supply with certified prosthetist-orthotist
Medical supply with prosthetist
Medical supply with resp. therapist (Dmercs only)
Occupational therapist
Pharmacy (Dmercs only)
Physical therapist
Public Health Welfare Agency
Slide preparation facility
SNF (Dmercs Only)
Speech language pathologist
Supplier of oxygen and/or oxygen related equip.
Voluntary Health or Charitable Agency
Combined Hospitalist Clinical Psychologist
Occupational therapist
Physical therapist