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Table 3 Feature analysis of selected DFSs

From: A survey on data storage and placement methodologies for Cloud-Big Data ecosystem

DFS Version FileSystem Technical features
Architecture Sharding Elasticity CAP Replication Big Data adapter
NFS 4.2 Client–server Fully-centralized Index/range No CA Block level 3rd party
GlusterFS 4.0 Client–server Fully-centralized Automatic Yes CA Node level Native
HDFS 3.0.1 Clustered-distributed Less-centralized Fixed size Yes AP Block level Native
CephFS 12.2.5 Clustered-distributed Less-centralized Index/range Yes CP Cluster-level Native/3rd party
Ivy 0.3 Symmetric Fully-distributed DHash Yes AP Block-level
PVFS 2.0 Symmetric Fully-distributed Hash Yes AP 3rd party