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Table 8 ELECTRE II method, descendant, ascendant, median and final ranking

From: Data mining combined to the multicriteria decision analysis for the improvement of road safety: case of France

Rank Descendant ranking: V1 Ascendant ranking: V2 Median ranking: V
1 R6 R6 R6
2 R14 R14 R14
3 [R7, R15, R23, R28, R33, R38, R40] R28 R28
4 [R1, R5, R19, R26, R29, R37, R41] [R15, R23, R26, R40] [R15, R23, R40]
5 R30 [R5, R17, R19, R33, R41] [R26, R33]
6 [R8, R11, R16, R17, R27, R35, R43, R44] R39 [R5, R19, R41]
7 [R9, R20, R24, R34, R36, R39] [R4, R7, R11, R16, R29, R37, R38, R44] [R7, R38]
8 [R4, R12, R13, R18, R25, R32] [R1, R3, R8, R20, R24, R27, R34] [R17, R29, R37]
9 R3 [R9, R12, R25, R35, R36, R45] R1
10 R45 [R18, R30, R32, R42, R43, R46] [R11, R16, R39, R44]
11 [R10, R22, R31, R42, R46] [R2, R10, R13, R21, R22, R31] [R8, R27]
12 R21   [R4, R20, R24, R30, R34, R35]
13 R2   [R9, R36, R43]
14    [R3, R12, R25]
15    [R18, R32]
16    [R13, R45]
17    [R42, R46]
18    [R10, R22, R31]
19    R21
20    R2