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Table 1 Attributes retained for the description of accidents

From: Data mining combined to the multicriteria decision analysis for the improvement of road safety: case of France

Attribute name Possible values: items Description
Attributes retained from the table characteristics
num_Acc Alphanumeric code Accident identification number
Month January, February, …, December Month of the accident
hour_of_the_accident Morning, night Day part of the accident
Light Full day, dawn, night with public lighting lights, night without public lighting, Night with public lighting not lit lighting conditions in which the accident occurred
Urbain In-urban, Extra-urban Location
Intersection Out of intersection, gyratory, intersection in T, intersection in X, intersection in Y, intersection with more than 4 branches, place, level crossing Intersection
atmospheric_condition Normal, light rain, heavy rain, snow–hail, fog–smoke, strong wind–storm, dazzling time, overcast Atmospheric conditions
Type_of_collision Two vehicles—frontal, two vehicles—from the rear, two vehicles—by the side, three vehicles and more—in chain, three or more vehicles—multiple collisions, other collision, without collision The type of collision
indicator_of_source Metropole, antilles, guyane, reunion, mayotte Indicator of source
Attributes retained from the table places
num_Acc Alphanumeric code Accident identification number
category_of_the_road Highway, national road, departmental road, communal road, off public network, parking lot open to public traffic or other road Category of the road
traffic_regime One-way, bidirectional, separate pavements, with tracks assignment variable Traffic regime
reserved_lane Bike path, cycle bank, reserved lan, reserved_lane Indicates the existence of a reserved lane
declivity_of_the_road Dish, slope, peak of coast, down of coast declivity of the road at the place of the accident
drawing_in_plan Straight part, curved on the left, curved right, in S Drawing in plan of the road
state_of_surface Normal surface, wet, puddles, flooded, snow, mud, icy, oily material, other surface state State of surface
equipment Underground, bridge, exchanger, railway, carrefour amenaged, pedestrian area, toll area Equipment and infrastructure
Accident_Situation On the pavement, on emergency stop band, on the verge, on the sidewalk, On bike path Accident situation
Attributes retained from the table vehicles
num_Acc Alphanumeric code Identifier of the accident
num_veh Alphanumeric code Identification of the vehicle
category_of_vehicle Bicycle, Moped < 50 cm3, VL only, VL + caravan, VL + trailer, VU only 1.5 T, PL only ≤ 7.5 T, PL only > 7.5 T, PL > 3.5 T + trailer, Tractoronly, Tractor + semi-trailer, Specialmachinery, FarmTractor, Scooter < 50 cm3, Motorcycle ≤ 125 cm3, Scooter > 50 cm3, Motorcycle > 125 cm3, Scooter > 125 cm3, LightweightQuad ≤ 50 cm3, HeavyQuad > 50 cm3, Bus, Coach, Train, Tramway, Othervehicle Category of vehicle
fixed_Obstacl_struck Vehicle parked, tree, metal crash barrier, concrete crash barrier, other crash barrier, building, vertical sign, pole, urban equipment, parapet, ilot, sidewalk border, ditch, another obstacle on the road, another obstacle on sidewalk, unobstructed causeway exit Fixed obstacle eventually hit by vehicle
mobile_obstacle_struck Pedestrian, vehicle, rail vehicle, domestic animal, wild animal, other mobile Mobile obstacle eventually hit by vehicle
initial_shock_point Before, front right, left front, rear, right back, left rear, right side, left side, multiple shocks Initial shock point
manoeuvre No change of direction, same direction and same file, between 2 files, In reverse, reverse direction, crossing the median, in the bus corridor in the same direction, in the bus lane in the opposite direction, by inserting, turning back on the roadway, changing lane left, changing lane right, deported left, deported right, turning left, turning right, exceeding left, exceeding right, crossing the roadway
Parking maneuver, avoidance maneuver, opening of door, stopped off parking
Principal maneuver before the accident
nb_occupants_pub_trans Integer Number of occupants of the vehicle
Attributes retained from the table users
num_Acc Alphanumeric code Identifier of the accident
num_veh Alphanumeric code Identification of the vehicle
place_of_user An Integer between 1 and 9 Allows to locate the place occupied in the vehicle by the user at the time of the accident
category_of_user Driver, passenger, pedestrian, pedestrian in rollerblade or scooter Category of user
Severity_accident_user Unharmed, Killed, Hospitalized wounded, Wounded light Severity of the accident for each user
user_gender M, F Gender of user
age_of_user < 20, [20, 30], [31, 45], [46, 60], > 60 Age of user
reason_displacement Home-work, home-school, shopping, professional use, promenade, other reason for displacement Reason for displacement the user at the time of the accident
security_equipment Belt, helmet, child device, belt used, belt unused, belt indefinite use, helmet used, helmet unused, helmet indefinite use, child device used, child device unused, child device indefinite use, reflective equipment used, reflective equipment unused, reflective equipment indefinite use, other security equipment used, other security equipment unused, other security equipment indefinite use the existence and use of security equipment
location_pedestrian On pavement A + 50 m from the pedestrian crossing, on pavement A − 50 m from the pedestrian crossing, on pedestrian crossing without light signalling, on pedestrian crossing with light signalling, on the sidewalk, on the accoutrement, on refuge or BAU, on against aisle Location of the pedestrian at time the accident
pedestrian_action Moving unspecified, moving in the direction striking vehicle, moving opposite direction of the striking vehicle, crossing, hidden, playing-current, with animal, other pedestrian action, on against aisle Pedestrian action at time the accident
accompanying_pedestrian Alone, accompanied, in a group This variable indicates if the injured pedestrian was alone or not