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Table 4 The tools used in the respective data analysis pipelines of each paper

From: Manufacturing process data analysis pipelines: a requirements analysis and survey

Paper Ingestion Communication Storage Analysis Visualization
[44] Custom HDFS, HBase, MongoDB Infinispan, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Elasticsearch Custom
[45] Custom HDFS, MySQL Hadoop − (\(\sim \))
[46] WSO2 BAM WSO2 ESB HDFS, RDB (\(\sim \)), Cassandra (\(\sim \)) Hadoop, WSO2 CEP Custom (WSO2 UES)
[47] Kafka HDFS Hadoop, Storm
[48] HDFS, HBase, MongoDB Cassandra, Hadoop, Hive
[49] HDFS Hadoop, Mahout, Jena Elephas
[50] MySQL Matlab, QuickCog
[51] Custom Microsoft SQL 2012 Custom Custom
[52] Custom Kafka HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Storm, Hive, Radoop, Rapidminer − (\(\sim \))
[53] Sqoop HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Hive, Impala
[54] Sqoop Flume HDFS, HBase, MySQL Hadoop, Hive Custom
[55] Custom Custom MongoDB Custom Custom
[56] Custom MongoDB, PostgreSQL RStudio, Watson Analytics, Qliksense Custom
[57] Flume (\(\sim \)), Sqoop (\(\sim \)) Custom HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Spark, Pig Custom
[58] Custom Custom Cassandra Spark Zeppelin (\(\sim \))
[59] Kafka Kafka Cassandra, OntoQUAD Spark Custom, Jupyter, Ontos Eiger
[60] Custom HDFS Hadoop, Hive, Spark Custom
[61] Storm Kafka MongoDB Storm Custom
[62] Pig, Hive Custom HDFS Hadoop, Hive, Pig Flamingo, Custom
[63] ODI, Talend, Sqoop Kafka HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Spark, IPython Tableau, Microsoft BI
[64] Sqoop, Custom Custom HDFS, RDB \(\sim \) Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Spark, Matlab
[65] Custom Custom (\(\sim \)) Custom
[66] Custom Kafka, RabbitMQ HDFS, HBase, Cassandra, PostgreSQL Hadoop, Spark, Storm Custom
[67] Custom Custom Microsoft SQL 2008R2 Custom Custom
[68] Custom Cassandra Spark
[69] Sqoop HDFS Spark Custom
[70] Custom, Storm Kafka CouchDB
[71] Sqoop HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Hive, Pig Custom
[72] Custom MongoDB Custom
[73] WSO2 ESB WSO2 ESB Alfresco CMS, Neo4j Apache UIMA, WEKA Custom
[74] − (\(\sim \)) HDFS, HBase Hadoop, Hive
[75] Spark HDFS, HBase R, Drools Custom
[76] Custom MySQL Custom Custom
[77] Custom Microsoft SQL 2008R2 Custom Custom
[78] Flume, Sqoop HDFS Hadoop, Hive, Solr, RServe, Mahout Custom
[79] Flume Kafka HDFS, HBase, MySQL Hadoop, Hive, Storm Custom
[80] Kafka Cassandra Spark Custom
[81] Custom RabbitMQ HDFS Hadoop
  1. \(\sim \), implies that it is uncertain if the tool was used for this stage of the pipeline. −, implies that no tool was used for this stage of the pipeline
  2. ODI: Oracle Data Integrator, BAM: Business Activity Monitor, ESB: Enterprise Service Bus, CEP: Complex Event Processor, UES: User Engagement Server