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Table 1 Non-functional requirements for the platform based on the FURPS+ model

From: Manufacturing process data analysis pipelines: a requirements analysis and survey

  Parameter Requirement
Functionality Security Compliant with legislative and regulatory requirementsa
Compliant with enterprise security policies
Extensibility Capable of integrating new interfaces, data types, connectors, and components
Reusability System functions should, at minimum, handle structured time-series data. The system should also have sufficient connectors to allow its reuse for new compositions of data and functions
Usability Aesthetics Generic and intuitive interfaces providing interpretable data. The various data types should be queried via a single interface. Visualisation interfaces should present data in multiple common formats (trend charts, bar charts, etc.) [11, 42]
Documentation Well-documented to assist in the reduction of system ambiguity and entropy, and to allow for system extensibility, component replacement, user training, etc
Responsiveness Limits on stream analysis response times depend on the use case and can range from milliseconds to seconds (alarms and eventing), to daily and weekly reports (process optimization)
Reliability Accuracy Intolerant of data and event loss
Availability Data acquisition, storage systems, and event processing and reporting should have the highest guarantees for availability
Recoverability Recovery of persisted data (raw and processed) is necessary. Speed of system recovery from faults and the resumption of functions is important
Performance Throughput Typically, this is in the order of 10s of Gigabytes (GB) per day
Scalability The system should scale to accommodate geographically dispersed sources/sinks
Supportability   The components should be well-maintained, stable, active, well-documented, and with a strong, supportive, and responsive user and developer community. They should also be compatible with well-established monitoring solutions
  1. Robert Grady’s \(\hbox {FURPS}+ \hbox {model}\). This acronym stands for functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability (FURPS), and the \(+\) represents additional needs [43]
  2. aDependent on regulatory concerns imposed by local to international laws and agreement. Can impact storage and application locations, communication paths, security configurations, and other system features