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Table 1 How SQL databases relate to some NoSQL databases

From: Automatic schema suggestion model for NoSQL document-stores databases

Heading level SQL databases Tables Hbase Document DB
Data model Relation-al Key/value store Column family store Document-store
Max size of data-base 100 s of GB 100 s of TBs 100 s of TBs 100 s of TBs
Storage concept Tables, rows, columns Tables, entities, partitions Tables, rows, cells, column families Collections, documents
Language for query SQL Subset of OData queries None Extended subset of SQL
Transaction support Rows and tables in a database One partition for all entities One row for all cells All documents in one collection
Secondary indexes Yes No No Yes
Triggers/stored proc T-SQL based None Java based JavaScript based
Valuing Unit of throughput 1 GBs of storage GBs of storage + VMs per hour Unit of throughput