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TableĀ 1 Pseudocode functions

From: Kavosh: an effective Map-Reduce-based association rule mining method

Function Description
NOC(TableName) Returns the number of columns
NOR(TableName) Returns the number of rows
NODV(TableName, ColumnName/ColumnID) Returns the number of distinct values in the specified column
NaOC(TableName, k) Returns the name of the kth column in the specified table
DVC(TableName,ColumnName/ColumnID, k) Returns the kth distinct value of the specified column
CT(ColumnsArray[],TableName) Creates a table with an input column array with a specified table name
RVT(TableName, ColumnName/ColumnID,RowID) Returns the value of the specified table name, column name/column ID, and row ID
EXEC (Query, ResultTable) Executes a query, creates a results table and puts the results into the results table
The results table can be created in RAM or HDD, according to the node hardware specification.
& & is a logical operator (And)
I2B(i) Converts the integer value i to a binary value