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Table 1 Conducted tests

From: Concept and benchmark results for Big Data energy forecasting based on Apache Spark

Data amount R SC8 SCl
1D (\(8.64\cdot 10^{4}\) values) \(R_\text {1D}\) \(SC8_\text {1D}\) \(SCl_\text {1D}\)
1W (\(6.05\cdot 10^{5}\) values) \(R_\text {1W}\) \(SC8_\text {1W}\) \(SCl_\text {1W}\)
1M (\(2.68\cdot 10^{6}\) values) \(R_\text {1M}\) \(SC8_\text {1M}\) \(SCl_\text {1M}\)
6M (\(1.57\cdot 10^{7}\) values) \(R_\text {6M}\) \(SC8_\text {6M}\) \(SCl_\text {6M}\)
1Y (\(3.14\cdot 10^{7}\) values) \(R_\text {1Y}\) \(SC8_\text {1Y}\) \(SCl_\text {1Y}\)
5Y (\(1.58\cdot 10^{8}\) values) \(R_\text {5Y}\) \(SC8_\text {5Y}\) \(SCl_\text {5Y}\)
10Y (\(3.16\cdot 10^{8}\) values) \(R_\text {10Y}\) \(SC8_\text {10Y}\) \(SCl_\text {10Y}\)
  1. SC8 Spark with eight processing cores on a single computer, SCl Spark on the computing cluster