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Table 1 Summary of physical and socioeconomic variables

From: Investigating important urban characteristics in the formation of urban heat islands: a machine learning approach

Variable Definition Unit Measurement Source
Dependent variable: land surface temperature
TEMP Land surface temperature of 12 July 2013 °C Pixel (30 m × 30 m) Landsat 7 ETM+
Independent variable: physical variables
Zone Planning zone, reclassified as below
  Central Business District (CBD)
  Mixed use
  Industrial urban
  Industrial suburban
  Urban dwelling
  Suburban dwelling
  Agricultural dwelling
NA Planning zone Indianapolis and Marion County, Department of Metropolitan Development
Area Total area of a parcel m2 Parcel Indy GIS
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NA Pixel (30 m × 30 m) Landsat 7 ETM+
TREE Percent tree canopy % Pixel (30 m × 30 m) NLCD 2011, USGS
Imperv Percent developed imperviousness % Pixel (30 m × 30 m) NLCD 2011, USGS
Height_Avr Average building height m Building LiDAR, 2011
Height_Max Maximum building height m Building LiDAR, 2011
Bldg_Ftpr Total building footprint m2 Building Indianapolis and Marion County, Department of Metropolitan Development
Independent variable: socioeconomic variables
POP_DEN Population density of a Census block group #/m2 CBG ACS 2013
POP_UR_18 Total number of population under age 18 # CBG ACS 2013
POP_OV_65 Total number of population over age 65 # CBG ACS 2013
Female Total number of female population # CBG ACS 2013
NON_WT Total number of non-white population # CBG ACS 2013
TOT_HSUNT Total number of household unit # CBG ACS 2013
RENT Total number of rental unit # CBG ACS 2013
MedHsValue Median house value $ CBG ACS 2013
MEDHHINC Median household income $ CBG ACS 2013
Edu_Less Total number of population have education less than 9th grade # CBG ACS 2013
Mobile Total number of mobile home # CBG ACS 2013