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Table 1 Surveyed HTL methods which require limited target labels

From: A survey on heterogeneous transfer learning

Methods Characteristics Sections
COTL [13] Online tasks, multiview ensemble COTL, OHTWC
OHTWC [19] Requires co-occurrence data, online tasks, weighted ensemble COTL, OHTWC
HFA [23] Symmetric transformation w/augmentation HFA
HMCA [29] Requires source classifier, model-transfer HMCA
SHFR [31] Asymmetric, multi-class SHFR
TTI [36] Requires co-occurrence data, translator, image classification TTI
TLRisk [37] Requires co-occurrence data, translator, Markov chain, risk minimization TLRisk
ARC-t [28] Asymmetric, image classification, kernel methods ARC-t
SHDA-RF [41] Asymmetric, random forest and label pivots SHDA-RF
IFSR [12] Asymmetric, domain-independent metafeatures to compute similarity FSR (IFSR, UFSR, ELFSR)
ELFSR [12] Asymmetric, FSR ensemble, multi-source, stacking method FSR (IFSR, UFSR, ELFSR)
SMVCCAE [64] Symmetric, multi-view ensemble, CCA analysis SMVCCAE, SSMVCCAE