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Table 2 Keywords phrase and search results

From: A bibliometric approach to tracking big data research trends

Keyword in title Search term Example Results
Data analytics "Data* Analytic*" Data Analytic/s, Data-analytical, DATABASE ANALYTICS 264
Hadoop "Hadoop*" Hadoop, Hadoop-based, HadoopToSQL, HadoopRDF, HadoopM 312
Machine learning "Machine* Learn*" Machine/s learning, MACHINERY LEARNING, machine learners, Machinery Learners, Machine Learned, machine-learned 4466
MapReduce "MapReduce*" OR “Map$Reduce*” MapReduce, Map-Reduce 752
large datasets "Large$ Dataset*" Large dataset/s, larger datasets 309
Big Data "Big Data*" Big data, Big Datasets, Big Databases 1310
Data warehouse "Data Warehouse*" Data Warehouse/s 1200
Predictive analytics "Predictive Analytic*" Predictive analytic/s 60
No SQL "No SQL” OR “NoSQL” OR “NoSQL Database” No-SQL, NoSQL, No SQL 72
Unstructured data "Unstructured Data” Unstructured Data 82
Data science "Data Science*" Data Science/s 46
Sentiment analysis "Sentiment Analy*" Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Analyzing, Sentiment Analyzer 303
Data centers “Data Cent*" Data Center/s, Data Centre/s, data centric 2384
All above    11,307