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Table 1 Comparison of the most important algorithms for suffix tree construction

From: Horizontally scalable probabilistic generalized suffix tree (PGST) based route prediction using map data and GPS traces

Algorithms Complexity Memory locality Parallel Probabilistic
McCreight [14] \(O(n)\) Poor No No
Ukkonen [15] \(O(n)\) Poor No No
Hunt [17] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good No No
TRELLIS [30] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good No No
TDD [28] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good No No
ST-Merge [29] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good No No
Wavefront [23] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good Yes No
B2ST [31] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good No No
ERA [13] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good Yes No
Map-Reduce Ukkonen [22] \(O(n^{2} )\) Good Yes No
Proposed PGST \(O(n^{2} )\) Good Yes Yes