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Table 3 Storylines for political candidate with the highest score for slowly and rapidly deterioration perception bands

From: DERIV: distributed brand perception tracking framework

Storylines for slowly deteriorating band
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) women \(\rightarrow\) the establishment \(\rightarrow\) the difference
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) a staunch feminist \(\rightarrow\) a liar \(\rightarrow\) gop
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) isis \(\rightarrow\) existence right now \(\rightarrow\) the establishment
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) women \(\rightarrow\) the establishment \(\rightarrow\) more rino gop too
Storylines for rapidly deteriorating band
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) jeb bush \(\rightarrow\) rights \(\rightarrow\) blacks
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) koch brothers favorites \(\rightarrow\) jeb bush \(\rightarrow\) t. boone pickens
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) flagrant liar \(\rightarrow\) isis \(\rightarrow\) hewlett
Candidate Y \(\rightarrow\) isis \(\rightarrow\) climate change \(\rightarrow\) our stafford republican women