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Table 1 Notations and symbols

From: Identification of top-K nodes in large networks using Katz centrality

Notation Definition and description
G Given graph
V Set of nodes
E Set of edges
\(v_{1}\), \(v_{2}\), \(v_{i}\), \(v_{j}\), \(n_{i}\) Nodes
\(C_{D}\) Degree centrality
\(C_{in}\) In-degree centrality
\(C_{out}\) Out-degree centrality
\(C_{c}\) Closeness centrality
\(C_{B}\) Betweenness centrality
\(g_{jik}\), \(g_{jk}\) Geodesic paths
\(\alpha\) Damping factor or attenuation factor
\(\beta\) Exogenous vector
\(\lambda\) Eigenvector
\(C_{Katz}\) Katz centrality
A Adjacency matrix
\(LAC_{Katz}\) Local average centrality
\(GAC_{Katz}\) Global average centrality
Const User defined constant
\(isim_{k}\) Intersection similarity