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Table 1 On-line tuning of row-stores, a summary

From: The design of an adaptive column-store system

Study Structures Experiments Notes
COLT [35] Indexes PostgreSQL Uses storage budget constraint; employs “what-if” optimizer mode; manages active, hot and cold sets of indexes
Alerter [36] Indexes, materialized views SQL server Uses storage budget and mininum improvement constraints; Notifies DBA and provides a set of candidate structures
Alerter [49] Aggregation tables Mondrian Uses soft storage budget constraint
AdaptPD [50] Vertical partitioning SQL server Employs “what-if” optimizer mode with caching
WFIT [51] Indexes IBM DB2 Express-C Takes a workload and user feedback into account
MISO [52, 53] Materialized views, storage selection Multiple Tuning of multistore system physical design. Uses storage and transfer constraints
EVO [54] Indexes Multiple Authors propose query plan transformations using genetic algorithm for index selection
ARH [55] Automatic re-indexing PostgreSQL A set of heuristics is used to decide when to trigger a re-indexing process to counter an index fragmentation
Tuner [33] Multiple PostgreSQL An on-line tool which tunes several physical structures—indexes, partitions, and is capable of tracking index interaction
AutoStore [56] Vertical partitioning Custom A comparison of on-line algorithms for vertical partitioning
SMOPD [57] Vertical partitioning Custom Closed itemset mining for on-line vertical paritioning