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Table 4 Document-oriented databases

From: Modeling temporal aspects of sensor data for MongoDB NoSQL database

Name Data model Scalability Description Who uses it
MongoDB from, MongoDB Inc. [38] JSON-like hierarchical documents with or without schemas, object mapping, BSON Sharding, replication and persistency Most popular JSON document store, ACID, MapReduce, primary secondary indexing, eventual consistency, RESTful Expedia, Bosh, MetLife, Facebook, comcast, sprinklr
CouchDB from Apache [88] Native JSON-document store; types: strings, numbers, dates, ordered lists and associative arrays Multi-master replication, JavaScript as query language using MapReduce, and HTTP for an API, multi-version concurrency, MapReduce, ACID, eventual consistency meebo, AirFi Sophos, BBC, npm CANAL+
Couchbase from Couchbase, Inc. [89] Multi-model: key/value store, document-store; JSON documents Sharding, master-master and master-slave replication CouchDB based with Memcached-compatible interface, eventual consistency, limited ACID, eventual consistency, RESTful HTTP API Informatica, Joyent, intel, Wipro, Google, Simba
RethinkDB [90] JSON documents with dynamic schemas Sharding, master-slave replication Push real-time data; RethinkDB Query Language (ReQL);Hadoop-style MapReduce; primary&secondary indexes; Not ACID Jive SW, Mediafly, Pristine Platzi, CMUNE,
Cloudant from IBM, Apache [91] JSON based flexible documents Sharding, master-master & master-slave replication CouchDB based; primary and secondry indexes; MapReduce; Eventual Consistency; RESTful HTTP/JSON API Samsung, IBM, Expedia, DHL, Microsoft, Pearson