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Table 3 Comparison to approaches in literature

From: Quality management architecture for social media data

Paper Domain (data set) Quality evaluation Tools/technologies Quality level spec. Quality metric spec. Quality policy spec.
Ludwig [18] Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Maps) Weighted score: link, credibility, up-to-datedness, dissemination, quality of coordinates OpenSocial format, MSSQL database Weighting of quality attributes
Reuter [16] Social media (Facebook) Based on metadata, content, message, classification, and scientific methods Stanford NER, Classifier4J, Open Thesaurus,Gisgraphy Geocoder Weighting of parameters
Taleb [9] Medical (EEG data) Accuracy, consistency Hadoop MapReduce XML file: targeted data quality XML file: data cleansing algorithm Data quality profile
Serhani [10] Medical (SHRS) Completeness, consistency, accuracy Talend and Trifacta Wrangler. ML Vagrant
Immonen [11] Social media (Twitter) Timeliness Cassandra Static
Our approach Social media (Twitter) Timeliness, relevancy, popularity Spark, Cassandra, Word2Vec Ranges specified in SearchFilteringPolicy JEngineRules/XML file Dynamic quality policies