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Table 2 Classification of Big Social Data types

From: Conceptualizing Big Social Data

Category Definition Types of data
Digital self-representation data Data related to identity depiction and communicative body in digital environment Profile data (i) Login data (name/nickname/e-mail address and password); (ii) Mandatory data (services and application required data, for example, full name, citizenship, birthday); (iii) Extended data (profile pictures, education, tags of interests)
Self-published content (e.g., personal documents, pictures, videos, interests): (i) Disclosed data (to the public); (ii) Entrusted data (content sharing within trusted digital community)
Data published by the community (e.g., pictures, narrations, videos, posts): Relates to content shared by other users, which contribute to the digital identity creation
Technology-mediated communication data Data related to two-way communication, knowledge creation and distribution through technology Private communication data instant 1-to-1 messaging and content sharing;
Public communication data 1-to-many messaging, commenting, information contribution and editing of existing entries;
Collaborative communication data many-to-many participatory content sharing, chats, video-conferences
Digital relationships data Data that reveal digital social relationships patterns Explicit data Friendship data–Followee/Follower data;
Implicit data Data, which is revealed through technology-mediated communication data (e.g., tweets could be analyzed to infer connections between people)