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Table 1 Summary of BSD-related concepts, types of data they cover as well as challenges and research goals related to the area

From: Conceptualizing Big Social Data

Authors Proposed conceptualization Data sources Data challenges/ characteristics Research goals
Big Social Data as science
 Ishikawa [22] SBD—science about relationships between physical world data and social media data Social media data (explicit semantics); physical real world data (implicit semantics) Volume; variety; velocity; vague To clarify fundamental conceptualization of SBD and its applications
 Pentland [30] Social physics—quantitative social science about connections between idea/information flow and human behavior Physical world and social media data that reveal human behavior Large size; data is ubiquitous and real-time To conceptualize social physics; To reveal applications of social physics in real-world settings
Data-driven approaches to Big Social Data
 Guelil and Boukhalfa [31] Concepts from Barbier [33], Mukkamala [34] and Nguyen [35]. SBD is a part of social computing Social media data Lack of completeness; large size; dynamic and unstructured To review research on SBD and classify related literature; to study analytical approaches to SBD
 Coté [36] Concept of data motility under the age of BSD Data from mediated humans’ practices Volume; symbolic nature of data; distributed infrastructure; lack of regulations To conceptualize the data motility; to bring conceptual boundaries of BSD
Big Social Data for society
 Burges and Bruns [37] BSD is social media data Social media data Data authenticity, reliability and accessibility issues To assess feasibility of research in BSD; to reveal potential issues while working with BSD in academia context
 Housley et al. [42] “Big and broad” social data Social media data Volume; variety; velocity; real-time; dynamic To conduct observatory research of “big and broad” social data opportunities and challenges
Big Social Data as method
 Bello-Orgaz et al. [46] BSD —processes and methods to extract knowledge from social media to users or companies Social media data Volume; velocity; variety; value; veracity To review technologies and applications for processing Big Data from social media