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Table 1 Realted work done by other researchers on human stress

From: TreeNet analysis of human stress behavior using socio-mobile data

Work Social granularity Measure stress Type of network data
Putnam Communities Survey None
Lin Individual, organization and communities Surveys Community
Kalimeri Communities Surveys Sociometric badges and bluetooth
Burt Communities Surveys Interview
Granovetter Both on individuals and social groups Surveys Interview
Ciman Group Smart phone interactions Human–smart phone interaction data
Dillon Group Smart phone games Biofeedback
Gimpel Group Hardware, software sensors and surveys Sensors
Anmol Madan Group Sensors and surveys Smart phone sensors and socio-metric surveys
Amir Group Surveys and wearable devices Sensors and wearable chest belts
Akane Sano Group Surveys and wearable devices SMS, sensors and surveys
This work Individual Surveys Call logs