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Table 4 Comparison of the UbiSOM, Online SOM and PLSOM algorithms across all data streams

From: The ubiquitous self-organizing map for non-stationary data streams

Dataset Algorithm Mean \(E{^{\prime }}(t)\) Mean \(\lambda (t)\)
Gauss UbiSOM 7.7362e\(-\)3 1
  Online 1.4056e\(-\)2 9.9998e\(-\)1
  PLSOM 8.2531e\(-\)3 9.8253e\(-\)1
Chain UbiSOM 1.6902e\(-\)2 9.9661e\(-\)1
  Online 3.3196e\(-\)2 9.9954e\(-\)1
  PLSOM 1.2752e\(-\)2 9.7863e\(-\)1
Hepta UbiSOM 1.3709e\(-\)2 9.9703e\(-\)1
  Online 2.4628e\(-\)2 9.6564e\(-\)1
  PLSOM 1.1616e\(-\)2 9.8411e\(-\)1
Clouds UbiSOM 5.3479e\(-\)3 9.9714e\(-\)1
  Online 7.3585e\(-\)3 9.0615e\(-\)1
  PLSOM 4.0952e\(-\)3 9.6890e\(-\)1