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Table 1 Summary table with characteristics of the selected NoSQL databases

From: Choosing the right NoSQL database for the job: a quality attribute evaluation

  Aerospike Cassandra Couchbase CouchDB HBase MongoDB Voldemort
Category Key-Value Column-Store Document-Store Document-Store Column-Store Document-Store Key-Value
Consistency Configurable Configurable Eventual Eventual Configurable Configurable Read-Repair
  (several options) (several options) Consistency Consistency (strong and eventual consistency) (several options) (client handles conflicts)
Durability Notified written to replica nodes Configurable (several options) Configurable (several options) Configurable (notified written to at least one disk) Configurable (several options) Configurable (several options) Notified written to desired nodes
Querying Internal API Internal API, SQL like (CQL) Internal API (MapReduce) Internal API (MapReduce) Internal API Internal API, MapReduce, complex query support Internal API (get, put delete)
Concurrency Control Read-commited isolation level (support for optimistic concurrency control) MVCC MVCC (application can select Optimistic or Pessmistic locking) MVCC (application can select Optimistic or Pessmistic locking) Optimistic locking with MVCC Master-slave with multi-granularity locking Optimistic locking with MVCC
Partitioning Scheme Proprietary (Paxos based) Consistent Hashing Consistent Hashing Consistent Hashing (third party) Range Based Consistent Hashing Consistent Hashing
Native Partitioning Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes