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Table 1 Summary of Studies Covered

From: A review of data mining using big data in health informatics

Sections Data level(s) used Subsections Question level(s) answered Questions to be answered
Using Micro Level Data – Molecules Molecular Using Gene Expression Data to Make Clinical Predictions Clinical What sub-type of cancer does a patient have? [6]
     Will a patient have a relapse of cancer? [7]
Using Tissue Level Data Tissue Creating a Connectivity Map of the Brain Using Brain Images Human-Scale Biology Can a full connectivity map of the brain be made [8, 9]?
  Patient Using MRI Data for Clinical Prediction Clinical Do particular areas of the brain correlate to clinical events? [10]
     What level of Alzheimer’s disease does a patient have? [11]
Using Patient Level Data Patient Prediction of ICU Readmission and Mortality Rate Clinical Should a patient be released from the ICU, or would they benefit from a longer stay? [1214]
     What is the 5 year expectancy of a patient over the age of 50? [15]
   Real-Time Predictions Using Data Streams Clinical What ailment does a patient have (real-time prediction) [16, 17]
     Is an infant experiencing a cardiorespiratory spell (real-time)? [18]
Using Population Level Data – Social Media Population Using Message Board Data to Help Patients Obtain Medical Information Clinical Can message post data be used for dispersing clinically reliable information? [19, 20]
   Tracking Epidemics Using Search Query Data Epidemic-Scale Can search query data be used to accurately track epidemics throughout a population? [5, 21]
   Tracking Epidemics Using Twitter Post Data Epidemic-Scale Can Twitter post data be used to accurately track epidemics throughout a population? [22, 23]